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Vintage Hair

Hairstyles for vintage enthusiasts

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This community was here initially as a replacement for vintage_hair and is now a thriving lj community ;). Here's a quick run-through of this community's purpose and rules.

What this community is for:
♥ Posting photos of vintage hairstyles pre 1990. This can include photos of your hair or of vintage photographs of others focusing on the hair.

♥ Post tutorials and requests for tutorials. Note: If you simply want to show a step by step of how you styled your hair, do not label it a tutorial, but a "WIDaHIDI" (What I did it and How I did it) These posts are encouraged, but are best under a cut. They can be very helpful to other girls and to you, but should not be treated as a tutorial, which has a definite goal and designed steps to get there ;)

What this community is NOT for:
♥ Asking what you should do with your hair - especially if you don't give the community an idea of the style or era you would like to achieve. Please provide links or photographic examples. This is different than requesting a specific style's tutorial or asking how to improve a style you already have. We are here to help guide you not hold your hand so EXPERIMENT!!! Try pincurls, rolls, fingerwaves, anything, but try setting techniques for styles you like before you ask what to do with your hair!!!

♥ Ebay and other sales related posts. Sales for vintage hair related items are ok if it is an individual sale. Linking to a hair dryer from the 50's that is for sale is ok. Having it in your mass collage of vintage and non vintage wares is NOT ok.

♥ Non-vintage prom hair posts. Just because it is up, curly and has a flower in it doesn't make it vintage. If it is unclear about how it is vintage, post an inspirational photo along with it so people see that yes, it is vintage!

♥ Bitching because someone posted a how do I do rolls like Gwen Stefani post. Nobody cares if you don't like Gwen/Christina/Dita. For a newbie those ladies may be their first introduction to vintage hair and not know the proper names for the styles. At the same rate, I hope the newbies will be kind enough to check the memories and tags before posting a repetative post.

♥ Posting a picture of a purse, a dress, or a fly on the wall and asking how you should do your hair to compliment them. WEAR THEM. We cannot possibly now how to advise you by looking at something on a hanger/sitting in the box/climbing on the wall. If you WEAR the dress/purse/fly and it is, in fact, vintage, and give us an idea of what you're looking for then yes, someone may help you out, but we are TRYING TO AVOID myspace fests of "Look at me at THIS flattering angle...now this one!" which have nothing to do with vintage hair. We don't care how cute you are.

Giving it: Make sure it is done tactfully and you give a suggestion on how to make it better versus saying it looks like crap. Pictures help a lot!

Receiving it: Don't get butt hurt because you are all proud of your accomplishments and someone tells you how to improve it. A rule on criticism I like to live by is, "Take what you can use, throw out the rest."

Long posts and entries with more than one photo need to be placed under a cut. Please try to make your photos no larger than 700px. Photobucket gives you sizing options if you don't know how to do it yourself.

Here is the code I use for a cut. Please note to TAKE OUT the ** when using the cut.
<*lj-cut text="Insert your comment here."*>
Place photos and text here.
<*/lj-cut text*>

Hats and hair accessories
Feel free to show us your hat and other hair accessories; however, please try to style your hair appropriately beneath unless you are specifically seeking styling advice for under-hat (accessory) hair. If your hair is a hot mess under that hat and you aren't requesting styling advice, the post will be taken down.

Pimpin' other communities
All pimped communities MUST BE vintage lifestyle related.

NO rating or selling communities period. Vintage related or not. Also, if the rule in their community is to promote it to be accepted, fo' git 'bout it!

♥ Please keep promoting to a minimum. No more than one community per week. I don't think that should be a big problem in here. I don't recall it being that big of a problem in the last community. Just try to respect others and if you think you are going to annoy them, you probably are.

A good way to promote your community without promoting it, is to mention it if you cross post. I have found a lot of communities because people mention at the end of their posts, x-posted to __________ and _________. What is cross posting? It is when you make the same post to multiple groups.

No Flaming, Interdrama, or trolls it's lame and dull and I don't want to have to deal with it. But if there is a problem, contact your mods!

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