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Rolls Tutorial

Hi, I'm totally new at styling my hair but I think I'm getting closer to getting the hang of it. I love this community, all of you ladies look so gorgeous! I took pictures of my attempt because I've had trouble finding many tutorials so I thought we could always use one more :) This is my first post so I hope I did everything right. If there are too many pictures just let me know!

Section off the hair from your hairline to right behind your ear. You want a big enough section so that your roll won't be see through. Those with thinner hair might have to backcomb a little.

Pull the hair up vertically and start forming a loop.

Hold on to the top part of the loop with one hand and start rolling the ends in a circle inside the loop. Basically coil the hair into a roll from the outside in. I do this from the back of the loop rather than the side closer to my face so the ends won't stick out the front when you finish the roll.

When you have a nice roll you can adjust the placement a little by rolling it in on itself to make it tighter. Place one bobby pin through the very bottom of the roll in the front, and one in the back.

I like to do three rolls because my hair is pretty thick so I make about a 2 inch section in the middle (on the other ride of my part) and roll it facing the opposite direction of the first roll.

Use the same process as the first roll, just go in the opposite direction. Pin and hairspray as needed.

Grab the hair from the other side and section it off right behind the ear like the first roll. Try to make it about the same amount of hair as the first roll.

Roll it in the same way as the other rolls, like a coil from the outside in.

Make sure that the side near your ear doesn't get too droopy. If it starts to droop a little try a light hair spray and push it in to hold it up.

I have side swept bangs that reach about the rip of my nose, so I just made a little roll for them to go into. It's more like a regular pin curl.

If I was going out I probably use a lot more hairspray. I would also curl the remaining hair.
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