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Vintage Hair
Hairstyles for vintage enthusiasts
8th-Feb-2012 01:19 am - Yearbooks!
I've recently had great advice from several different people to look at yearbooks for inspirational vintage hair pictures. As a technophile my first thought was not the local library but the Internet and so I bring you... Ohio University's Digitalized Yearbooks!

Click for more links and a few pics...Collapse )

23rd-Jan-2012 09:48 pm - Victory Rolls on Short Hair
Victory roll success!Hi Ladies! It's been a really, really long time but I wanted to share some success I've had with victory rolls. At the time I took this picture, my hair was just about chin length and in a fairly straight-cut bob. My hair was washed that morning and had a little hairspray from the day in it (this was at night). I didn't set it in curlers or use a curling iron. I have straight hair thats medium thick.

Prior to this, I had tried and tried to get the rolls but was all thumbs when wrapping it up. I finally watched a tutorial on YouTube, which unfortunately I can't find now, that said wrap your hair around your thumb pointing down, switch thumbs for each side, pin once going forward from behind and pin once going from the front to back and voila. For some reason this works super awesome.

Thanks for the wonderful inspirational photos you post!
15th-Dec-2011 07:01 pm - Another one of my Grandmother
Pearl and Betty
I scanned an album of 8 X 10 photos today, and found another good hair picture of my Grandma Boots. This is from 1945:

6th-Sep-2011 07:11 am - My Grandfather's women
Cat with Hat
I originally posted this in vintagephoto but someone suggested I post this here. I'm doing a photo scanning project of all my old family photos, and my Grandfather had a box of photos from the 1940s, and in it were a bunch of pictures of women. Here they are!

I found more of Roberta! She's the one my grandfather truly loved and she broke his heart. So let Roberta welcome you in:

clicky for skirts and ladyposesCollapse )
14th-Dec-2010 12:51 pm - 20s Photoshoot
Hi again! I know, I know. Two posts in less than a week. This isn't much different from the style I'd posted previously, but my husband and I finally used an hour photoshoot package from one of those group deal sites last night, so I thought I'd share what it looks like with proper makeup, hair, composition and lighting. Our photographer was Adam Baruh, who was amazing every step of the way and has a great eye for detail! He also apparently doesn't sleep, since he did some processing last night and threw up these preview photos today!

The shoot was at the US Grant Hotel, a historic hotel in the heart of the Gaslamp district of San Diego, built in honour of President Ulysses S. Grant by his son, Ulysses Grant, Jr. It would have been nice without the Christmas decorations up, but nonetheless it was beautiful and very classy!

The Photoshoot!Collapse )

This is the first time I'd never used any pomade, gel, or hairspray, since there was some fog/moisture in the air last night, which would have weighed down the products and made my hair fall down. Instead I put lots of setting lotion on damp hair and slept on a pin curl set, not taking it out until the afternoon the next day (walked around in a scarf all day). I used rows of pin curls in alternating directions for the waves, rather than combing out and clamping like I usually do, so these were a little more frizzy but definitely had more height/definition to them!

I also have to add that as an Asian, adapting vintage makeup to my face, especially my eyes, has been difficult. I have an eye crease, but it is very small, and my eye socket and brow bone are not as defined. When I first started doing the 20s look, it took about a week of trying different makeup styles each night to perfect one that works for me, because the 20s look is especially difficult being the reverse of how women today make their eyes up. Instead of shading specifically the middle to outer edge of the crease and eye, 20s makeup focuses on the upper and inner eye in order to give that "triangle" shape (seen in the second picture) and the rounded, slightly droopy, sultry looking shadowy eye. Obviously it looks less dramatic on me, as I'd have to expand the makeup quite a bit out from my eye if I wanted it more prominent, which would only make my eyes look smaller, rather than emphasising them.
10th-Dec-2010 10:12 pm - New here, with a 20s-style 'do!
Hi all! I've only just joined LJ, but I've been lurking on this community for 2 years now for inspiration when I started trying to do vintage hair! Since moving to San Diego, my husband and I (or mostly just I because he's busy) have been going out a speakeasy-style music bar/lounge and to "Gatsby Thursdays" for swing dancing! So my hair has been more of a 20s-30s style with waves and pin curls.

Currently I have a shorter middy cut (4 inches all around to 3 on the sides), and thus far, what has worked for me is mildly damp hair, Hawleywoods Lay-Rite pomade mixed with lots of setting lotion, my CHI curling iron, 2-pronged pin curl clips, and WAVE CLAMPS! I hated finger waves until I found these things, and they are a godsend!

I realise some of these may be hard to see because of my black hair, but I'm trying!
And here come the pictures!Collapse )
15th-Jun-2010 02:07 pm - WWII hair

© National Archives

I just finished Yankee Doodle Gals by Amy Nathan, which I got mostly for hair inspiration (and look at that hair!), and ended up reading it. It's a juvenile book, but well written. The women who flew during WWII sound strong and interesting and I was impressed by their stories.
8th-Feb-2010 06:34 pm - victory rolls and faux bettie bangs.
So I recently had a photoshoot and I got my hair professionally done. We did three victory rolls ontop. Which was alittle odd cause I don't think three rolls looks very.. symertical. But in the end they turned out wonderful. She rolled my hair around a can of hairspray to form the roll, which is a fantastic idea, but they weren't as tight as I do mine.

And then the other night I gave myself faux rolled under bettie bangs. I have bangs already but I love how the rolled under bangs look. I made a rat myself out of cotton balls and an old black nylon. It took me two hours to figure out how to pin the roll to my hair but it was well worth it! It turned out so so amazing. It tried to get the U shape but just couldn't get the ends to curl up.

Might be nsfw cause I'm in lingerie in some.

I don't wanna be burried in a pet cemetryCollapse )
21st-Dec-2009 02:52 pm(no subject)
Hi Ladies

I had a shoot for Greenspans clothing last night and I put my bangs back and hid all of my blonde with some clip in extensions I made from human hair wefts and wig clips. I liked the outcome. I wish you could see the roll better though.



Here are a couple of more for fun!

In hereCollapse )

And Here is one more from a paid shoot I had in the beginning of the week. Just some simple rolls. I thought this photo was neat though since it is un-edited on real black and white medium format film.

May be NSFW stocking legs showingCollapse )

I hope all of you have a wonderful and safe holiday!!!
2nd-Dec-2009 08:37 pm - Vintagehair, I have failed thee
I intended on putting together a all-inclusive fingerwaves tutorial that shows all three methods of fingerwaving. But no matter how many times I tried I just cannot remember my setting pattern for pin curled fingerwaves. They just aren't turning out the way I want! Grrr. So no pin curl tut for now. But I did make one for actual finger sculpted waves, and a marcel wave tut will be done by the weekend hopefully because I really think the old one sucks.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Want waves like this? right this way! Collapse )
2nd-Dec-2009 01:14 pm - photos of victory rolls and hat
i need inspiration. i am going to a christmas party on the weekend and i would like to do a victory roll on one side of my head and wear a bow on the other. The bow i have is Huge and the tail will come down to my shoulders.

My question is does any of you wonderfull people have a picture of a victory roll hairstyle with a hat, just for inspriation

thanks a bunch
26th-Nov-2009 01:14 am - Wedding hair help
My fiance and I are planning a vegas elvis wedding, and being as unconventional and fun as I am I'm wearing a 50's style gold halter dress with a black swiss dot lace overlay (and black petticoat of course!). I'm planning on making my own veil/fascinator with a netting to match the overlay on my dress. I've tried finding pictures of hair with a veil/fascinator but they're all stuffy hair pictures. No vintage hair. Since we're kind of eloping I'm doing my hair myself and don't really have the funds for even trial hair with a hairdresser in town. I know there's a lot of girls here who make and/or wear fascinators so any help, pictures or advice would be greatly appreciated. My hair is shoulder length if that helps any. Thanks :)
25th-Nov-2009 03:07 pm - 50's hair style and vintage headband!
this is my first post - i have followed this community for a couple of years now :-)

just wanted to post my new-old headband (fake fur and vintage) and my 50's look hairstyle. i love it, very varm and it does not mess up the hair :-)

also, the blue wool dress is vintage. i have a vintage blog if anyone is interested: www.vintageportalen.se.

17th-Nov-2009 10:24 pm - Hair styles for men?
Are there any 'vintage' styles that anyone could inform me of that would NOT include my hair being longer? It seems the most common style includes slicked back hair, but i like mine high and tight, I find it most comfortable that way.

The only thing I've concluded so far is that I can have the back squared off on each side rather than rounded, so I'll go for that, but is there any other ideas I'm not aware of?

Clearly, without having much hair, there doesn't seem to be much else I can really do with it, but that's okay I guess.
17th-Nov-2009 08:51 pm - deux questionnes
girls » barbie
1. When I do attempt pincurls, the curl is too thick to pin down without leaving a mark. Any suggestions? Am I doing something wrong?

2. I bought some Solo clips, thinking they're what you use for fingerwaves. Am I totally wrong, or can these be used? How and where do you pin the curl, then, without messing it up?

Thanks for the help!
17th-Nov-2009 04:46 pm - trial runs for hair
last yr
alrighty... so ive uploaded the practice runs for my wedding hair...

this wayCollapse )
18th-Nov-2009 12:38 am - clip extensions
hey ladies :)

i've posted a long time ago because I did a hughe asininity...
i was trying a perm by myself..lol.
it was really really awful and i had to cut my hair :/

i was really sad about my hair, so I bought some clip-extensions and i love them!
okay its not very vintage but maybe you wanna see the accord :)

i hope you enjoy it :)


17th-Nov-2009 03:03 pm - all about setting lotion.
I really don't know much about setting lotion, or how to roll a set with said product.
What do I buy? Do I use foam rollers? Can I just use pincurls?
Any direction would be highly appreciated :)
16th-Nov-2009 09:56 pm - EDITED! Sophia Loren hair
So I am supposed to get my haircut on Thursday.. and I am thinking of getting a cut similar to these photos of Sophia Loren.

Do you think this is a good cut for me/easy to style? I am a little worried about going so short, my hair is like a security blanket!

Three examples here...!Collapse )
16th-Nov-2009 11:15 am - First foray into pin curls, oh my!
I was bored last night and so decided to pin curl my hair while I was waiting for it to dry. This was my first attempt at pin curls.

16th-Nov-2009 10:26 am(no subject)
Here are some pics of my first successful roller set. I have done three sets now and this was the best one by far.

picturesCollapse )
14th-Nov-2009 12:59 am(no subject)
I turned to this community because y'all seem to have a lot of experience with curlers and I need help.

I have thick almost waist-length hair. It's permed but barely curly anymore, due to the fact that the perm was 9 months ago. My mother seems to think chunking product in it will make it curly again, but as I say, no amount of sauce is going to turn spaghetti into fusilli. Product enhances what curl you do have, and if you don't have any...well, it ain't gonna do much. Maybe for your hair but not mine.

Anyway, until I can afford to perm it again, I'm rockin' the sponge rollers.

What I'm looking for are sleeping tips. How do you ladies sleep with these things in?

Also, how many rollers do you generally put in? I'm using the Goody brand small rollers, the yellow ones that come in a 12 pack (I also have the green that come in a 10 pack and the big pink ones that come in an 8 pack), so I have 24 curlers in.
12th-Nov-2009 10:18 am - Making a hair set last?
Hi ladies! So this week I made my first foray into wet sets with foam rollers. Today's set came out great IMHO and I'll post pictures later, but on to my question: how to make it last?

Specific questions:

Do you find that how much you condition your hair before a set affects how well the curl holds (i.e. does heavier conditioner make the curl fall faster)?

Any tips or tricks for wrapping hair to preserve the set overnight? I put on a hair net and a silky kerchief over that, so far the style is salvageable the next morning but definitely not as good as on Day 1 (maybe 60% as awesome).

How many days do you usually get out of a set? Right now I can get 2 but I would really prefer 3. Any idea how women made sets last a week back in the day?

Any product recommendations for sprucing up a set on day 2 or 3? I use a smoothing serum and medium strength volumizing hairspray on Day 1, and then more hairspray Day 2, but hate that my hair develops a sort of helmet like texture from all the spray. Are there good curl spray alternatives to regular hair spray?

Thanks in advance for all your input!

Hello All!

I wanted to let you all know about a magazine I just started publishing...its called Zelda : The Magazine of the Vintage Nouveau, and we specialize in features/interests from 1900-1940! There are pieces on historical topics of the era as well as highlights of what's going on in vintage style culture today!

We have a great finger waving how-to in our premiere issue that you might really like...and a lot of our advertisers make great vintage-inspired/vintage remade hair accessories!!

Find out more and order Zelda at http://www.zeldamag.com !
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